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Fascinating Seeds

Seeds are amazing! They contain all they need to burst forth into the ground and become their own growing, living, breathing entity. Just initially requiring some basic soil and water. Seeds are like us, have a strong will to survive.

They become food to sustain us and improve our health all 7.6 billion of us here on Earth.

Did you know that in nature, all seeds have different requirements in order to germinate. Seed stratification is the process whereby seed dormancy is broken in order to promote this germination. In order for the stratification of seeds to be successful, it is necessary to mimic the exact conditions that they require when breaking dormancy in nature. Some seeds require a warm and moist treatment, while others require a cool and wet treatment. Even still, other seeds require a combination of both warm and cool treatments followed by a warm treatment, or a combination of warm and cool moist followed by a dry cycle and warm period to germinate. In Australia here , some seeds require fire to crack open the seeds so they can germinate…


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No Dig Veggie Box

This is an example of where the owner was a builder and asked us to fill their ‘veggie box’ with our special recipe. Our recipe enables a ‘no dig’ garden which is enriched by nature. We initially prepared the site so that the overhanging trees were pruned so enough light would produce enough food. Did you know that Tomatoes need a minimum of six hours of light to produce fruit? and more than eight ensures a tasty crop. If you want to know more about how to produce delicious tomatoes… contact us.